We focus on families with children, young and old couples as well as groups of friends of all ages or business groups, no matter if our passengers might have disabilities that afford a doctor for health control/supervision or if they just want security by having medical support and attention in case of emergencies. 


Further, during specified weeks, we also offer single booking for people without any preexisting group, so they can spend their holidays together with other sailing-enthusiastic people. During these weeks we offer the services of the standard package on board.

        Our Offers 

We provide packages to enable easy decision-making for our customers. As our concept contains included medical care, there will always be a doctor and a skipper on board (usually both professions in one person).  


Further we offer different discount options for our customers:

  • Multiple weeks bookings                      5%

  • Early booking until 31st of January     10%

  • Repeating clients                                    5%

In case of specific requests, please contact us and we will make you an offer depending on your wishes. 

* all prices are final including VAT. VAT differs between 0% for medical services and 24% regular taxation.

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