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Grab the opportunity!  - Sail in autumn 2021 from Greece to the Canary Islands


Our Europe Tour from Greece to the Canary Islands starts in Thessaloniki, the second biggest city of Greece. It is a cosmopolitan city and also an amazing place to start your trip. It provides all year round plenty of direct flights from many destinations within Europe. Even if you cannot fly directly, there are flights from Athens every day. All following stages start and end in bigger cities to provide optimal flight connections for our passengers. 

Join the adventure!  - Sail in summer 2021 from France to Greece 


Our Europe Tour from France to Greece starts in Bordeaux, the fifth largest city in France in the southwest, close to the Spanish border. It is a port city and the ideal place to start your trip. Bordeaux, as well as all following stages provide plenty of direct flights to ensure optimal flight connections for our passengers. 

You can book one stage, several stages or the whole trip. Each stages lasts 11 to 12 days, the whole trip around three months. 

Stages from France to Greece

Stage 1: Bordeaux, France - La Coruña, Spain

1-Jul: Arcachon, check-in 5 PM 

2-Jul: Bordeaux Bus Tour

3-Jul: Arcachon - San Sebastian

4-Jul: San Sebastian - Bilbao

5-Jul: Bilbao - Santander

6-Jul: Santander - Gijon

7-Jul: Gijon - Ribadeo

8-Jul: Ribadeo - Viveiro

9-Jul: Viveiro - La Coruña

10-Jul: Santiago de Compostella bus trip

11-Jul: Check-out 9 AM 

Stage 2: La Coruña, Spain - Lisbon, Portugal

11-Jul: La Coruña, check-in 5 PM

12-Jul: La Coruña - Camarinas

13-Jul: Camarinas - Vigo

14-Jul: Vigo - Porto

15-Jul: Porto 

16-Jul: Porto - Aveiro

17-Jul: Aveiro - Figueira da Foz

18-Jul: Figueira da Foz - Nazare

19-Jul: Nazare - Forte de São Baptista - Cascais

20-Jul: Lisbon train trip

21-Jul: Check-out 9 AM

Stage 3: Lisbon, Portugal - Gibraltar 

22-Jul: Cascais, check-in 5 PM

23-Jul: Cascais - Setubal

24-Jul: Setubal - Sines

25-Jul: Sines - Lagos

26-Jul: Lagos - Albufeira

27-Jul: Albufeira - Faro

28-Jul: Faro - Cadiz

29-Jul: Cadiz

30-Jul: Cadiz - Gibraltar

31-Jul: Gibraltar

1-Aug: Check-out 9 AM

1-Aug: Gibraltar, check-in 5 PM

2-Aug: Gibraltar - Fuengirola

3-Aug: Fuengirola - Almunecar

4-Aug: Almunecar - Almeria

5-Aug: Almeria - Agua Amarga

6-Aug: Agua Amarga - Cartagena

7-Aug: Cartagena - Alicante

8-Aug: Alicante - Formentera

9-Aug: Formentera - Ibiza

10-Aug: Ibiza - Palma de Mallorca

11-Aug: Bus tour Valdemossa

12-Aug: Check-out 9 AM

Stage 4: Gibraltar - Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Stage 5: Palma de Mallorca, Spain - Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy 

12-Aug: Palma de Mallorca, check-in 5 PM 

13-Aug: Palma - Cabrera - Cala d'Or

14-Aug: Cala d'Or - Cala Millor - Ciutadella

15-Aug: Ciutadella - Mahon

16-Aug: Mahon - Carloforte (first day)

17-Aug: Mahon - Carloforte (second day)

18-Aug: Carloforte - Porto Pino

19-Aug: Porto Pino - Pula

20-Aug: Pula - Cagliari

21-Aug: Cagliari 

22-Aug: Check-out 9 AM

Stage 6: Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy - Valetta, Malta

22-Aug: Check-in 5 PM

23-Aug: Cagliari - Capo Carbonara - Levanzo

24-Aug: Capo Carbonara - Levanzo

25-Aug: Levanzo - Flavignana - Marsala

26-Aug: Marsala - Sciacca

27-Aug: Sciacca - San Leone (trip to Agrigent, ancient site)

28-Aug: San Leone - Marina di Ragusa

29-Aug: Marina di Ragusa - Ghawdex (ir Ramala) 

30-Aug: Gozo - Kemmuna - Valetta 

31-Aug: Valetta

1-Sep: Check-out 9 AM

Stage 7: Valetta, Malta - Taranto, Italy

1-Sep: Valetta, check-in 5 PM

2-Sep: Valetta - Siracusa

3-Sep: Siracusa - Catania

4-Sep: Etna-Tour

5-Sep: Catania - Reggio Calabria

6-Sep: Reggio Calabria - Roccella Ionica

7-Sep: Roccella Ionica - Crotone

8-Sep: Crotone - Corigliano Calabro

9-Sep: Corigliano - Taranto

10-Sep: Alberobello bus trip

11-Sep: Check-out 9 AM

Stage 8: Taranto, Italy - Chania, Crete, Greece

11-Sep: Taranto, check-in 5 PM

12-Sep: Taranto - Gallipoli

13-Sep: Gallipoli - Santa Maria di Leuca - Othonoi

14-Sep: Othonoi - Corfu

15-Sep: Corfu - Paxoi 

16-Sep: Paxoi - Pargos - Lefkada

17-Sep: Lefkada - Meganisi (Caves) - Kefalonia

18-Sep: Kefalonia - Zakinthos 

19-Sep: Zakinthos - Katakolo (ancient site) - Pilos

20-Sep: Pilos - Schiza - Kithira 

21-Sep: Kithira - Antikithira - Chania

22-Sep: Check-out 9 AM

Stage 9: Chania, Crete, Greece - Thessaloniki, Greece

22-Sep: Chania, check-in 5 PM

23-Sep: Chania - Heraklion (Knossos-Trip)

24-Sep: Heraklion - Thirasia (Volcano) - Santorini 

25-Sep: Santorini - Folegandros - Milos 

26-Sep: Milos - Sifnos - Antiparos - Paros

27-Sep: Paros - Delos (ancient site) - Mykonos

28-Sep: Mykonos - Tinos - Andros

29-Sep: Andros - Eboia - Skiros 

30-Sep: Skiros - Skopelos - Skiathos

1-Oct: Skiathos - Sani

2-Oct: Sani - Perea - Thessaloniki

3-Oct: Check-out 9 AM

Stages from Greece to the Canary Islands

The stages for the Eurotrip in autumn 2021 from Greece to the Canary Islands are partly equal to the stages of the Europe tour from France to Greece in reciprocate direction:

1. Thessaloniki - Chania

2. Chania - Taranto

3. Taranto - Valetta

4. Valetta - Cagliari

5. Cagliari - Palma de Mallorca

6. Palma de Mallorca - Gibraltar

Stages 7 and 8 are still under design. 

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