Our Nutritionists 

Our professional nutritionists will support the clients with professional advice on how to implement and maintain a healthy lifestyle. As specialists in food and nutrition, they will guide our passengers towards better eating and exercise habits.


The duties of a nutrition consultant include evaluating clients’ needs, planning meal plans, developing goals, and providing advice on how to stay healthy.  They are always up-to-date to the latest nutritional diets, research methods, and industry trends.


At arrival day the nutritionist will meet with the vacationers and identify their dietary needs by assessing their health, exercise routine, and food habits to develop personalized nutrition plans for the passengers during their vacation. Our chef will cook delicious meals depending on those plans. Fitting to our health care concept, the food will be mostly healthy Mediterranean cost of highest standards, including fresh local products and fresh fish (caught during the cruise). 


At the end of the holidays the nutritionist will evaluate the first results and offer advice on how to stay healthy and provide support to help clients with their progress to establish short and long-term goals even after they returned back home.

Our personalized nutrition support, before and after your holidays, using the latest technology equipment (Fitmate, Tanita MC-780P), includes somatometric measurements:

  • Weighing

  • Body composition analysis

  • Indirect calorimetry measurement (Determination of Resting Metabolic Rate)


Nutrition aims are set according to passengers' needs, goals and preferences without excluding traditional flavors and delicacies:

  • Weight loss

  • Nutrition for pathological conditions

  • Sports nutrition

  •  ‘Boosting’ of the immune system

  • Nutrition and wellness

Healthy choices will be recommended coaching you towards improving your eating habits. Eating to manage your health conditions and goals doesn’t have to be so hard. The personalized nutritional program will be fully provided and served during the holidays.



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