A good morning for a good day!

  • Be organized the night before. Pick out an outfit and have it ready so there are no stressful outfit changes to be made.

  • Take a few minutes to stretch before getting out of the bed. If you tend to hit the snooze a few times, try instead to sit up and deeply breath as you stretch your arms, back and neck. It can be activating, keep you flexible and makes you feel better.

  • Take time to get ready. Feel good about the time you spend on yourself, allow a few minutes more in your morning routine for this.

  • Meditate. Take some time to think about how you are feeling as you get started in your day, not so much about the things you need to do, but more about how you feel. Address these feelings and you will feel calmer as you start the day.

  • Hydrate your body after waking up: at least one or two glasses of water will make you feel better on the long term.

  • Eat protein within 30 minutes of wake up. It can help you with energy, weight loss, and concentration.

  • Make a morning ritual for yourself. It’s as simple as having a cup of coffee as you sit and watch the news for 15 minutes.  Perhaps you can read a book, take a run or go for a walk. Whatever it is, do it, and feel good about the fact that you are building a habit, having some “me time” or just calming down.  We all know that having a constant in our lives makes us feel safer, better and hopefully happier- these are all associated with good health too.


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