Our concept is to transmit health education and support on the one hand and to provide security on board on the other hand. We want to enable first-class sailing experience also for people that usually wouldn't go on sailing holidays, due to health problems, age, family obligations etc. Therefore each journey will be accompanied by one of our doctors, who also have experience at sea - as professional skipper. Additionally our professional crew and health care service team of physiotherapists, psychologists, nutritionists and yoga instructors will care for you during your holidays with pleasure!

        Our Vision   

Our vision is to build an organization that offers customized health care services on board for each passenger. There are people with special needs and we want all of them to enjoy the nature and the sea environment with us. We believe in the healing power of seawater for our mental health which keeps stress far away. A combination of high quality of food and activities like yoga and psychotherapeutic sessions in the nature will make us reconsider our problems and feel relaxed. This is the meaning of successful holidays for us and this is what we want to achieve. We care for your health on board!

        Our Mission   

Our mission is it to travel our passengers with safety and provide all kinds of health care services. We want you to live a healthy life with good a condition of body and soul. Our skilled staff will ensure comfortable holidays with the best possible care for  each passenger. Further, it is valuable to make sailing in isolated areas like small islands more secure for passengers, especially areas that do not have access from the land.

Last but not least, it is from highest importance to provide an enjoyable and stress-free way of charting sailing yachts in Greece on competitively priced sailing yachts for families, groups and couples of all age. Our aim is it to offer to all passengers the balance of relaxation and excitement they seek by providing options for activities to suit both individuals and groups.

        Our Values   

Our values are to respond to our passengers' needs by providing customized health care services. Our aim is it to make them have fun and pleasure by enjoying the sea and the sun. We don't want to offer just a cruise. We want to offer the means of making people feel better when the trip ends.   

        Our Services   

We from "Care Sailing" developed a new concept of sailing vacations: sailing combined with special health care services on board. That means, on each journey you will have the luxury to enjoy the presence of a doctor for your personal security as well as other health care services adapted to your personal needs. ​Our sailing yachts are fully equipped with medication and diagnostic/therapeutic equipment according to the German ambulance standards. 


We offer the following services: 

  • Check-up of medical files of passengers before arrival by our doctors

  • Medical support and attention in case of preexisting-illness or emergencies by our doctor on board

  • optional, Physiotherapy on board, including massage and activating tasks/sports every day

  • optional, Psychotherapy on board for passengers with psychological problems

  • optional, Nutrition consulting before departure on the first day with advised diet plan

  • optional, Yoga training on board 

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