Sporades Islands 

We from "Care Sailing" chose to focus on the Sporades islands because they suit perfectly for holidays on a sailing yacht. This little island group shares an amazingly beauty: green landscapes surrounded by the deep blue and crystal-clear sea. And even the tall trees of the hills can reach the sea level in most bays. Skopelos and Alonissos islands are part of the National Marine Park, an area with huge fauna and bio-diversity: Skopelos is the birth place of the rare Caretta sea turtle and Alonissos Island is the home of the biggest population of the Monk seal. Kyra Panagia, an islet in the heart of the National Marine Park, has magnificent bays worth visiting. At all times the Marine Park has to be respected as it hosts rare species so that any activity that causes nature pollution (waste disposal, oil spill, etc.) should be avoided.

The ports in the Sporades need more caution: Skiathos as the center of the area can be affected by strong north winds, but rarely and once inside, the port is safe and calm, with many spots. Alonissos has a smaller port which usually is filled after midday. Further Skiathos has a limited number of bays to anchor for the night as well as Skopelos and Alonissos.

Sailing conditions are ideal in Sporades islands: calm weather conditions, small distances among islands (7-10 nautical miles from one to another), plenty of beautiful bays - ideal for relaxing holidays. Within the last years the area got more attention as a sailing center and an increasing number of vacationers sail there. However, compared to other sailing areas in Greece, there are still fewer yachts so that the islands are still unaffected by mass tourism.

Additionally we offer one day trips to Volos city, the capital of gastronomy in this region with traditional taverns next to the sea that offer delicious local recipes in small plates accompanied with local ouzo and tsipouro. During this excursion we highly recommend our extra package to visit the picturesque villages on Pelion Mountain with unique beauty and panoramic view of Pagasitikos Gulf. In case of interest we will provide you further details about the schedule.  

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Generally, the region is rather suggested for those that prefer quiet holidays, since nightlife is not very vivid in the islands, with the exception of Skiathos which is very famous for its nightlife. It is a very cosmopolitan place with youngsters from all over Europe. Alonissos' main town Chora is the perfect place for a romantic walk around traditional houses and offers a spectacular, panoramic view to the sea as it lies up on the mountain.

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